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Native American TIO (Trade Information Office), a division of 501(c)(3) CASH (Caddo Assets Services Help) Community Development, and are non-profit organizations in the business of enhancing economic development and education with American Indian Tribes/Nations. We believe our first responsibility is to the American Indian community and Vets/Service people. Our services are intended to help all tribal groups to acquire self-sufficiency through self-determination and sovereignty. With technology we believe we can create a communication platform for all tribes with resources to benefit every need related to American Indian interests. We have targeted a specific market of people with the greatest need of our services and we will work hard, so that progress can be achieved in our generation. Our networks allow us to work with Indigenous Tribes/Nations around the world. With self governance we believe that American Indian Country will, once again, be able to flourish as self-reliant nations and have a cohesive relationship with neighboring nations of all races.

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Our Founder's Grandfather- "Silvermoon" - CaddoMichael Martin

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"Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds I ask for wisdom & strength,Not to be superior to my brothers, but to be ableto fight my greatest enemy, myself."


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